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I looove the smell. It’s so uplifting and fresh, I keep it in my purse all day to reapply whenever I need a mental boost.
— Lindsay T
I bought the Deep Relief Healing skin cream 200mg CBD. It’s my first time using a CBD cream and it worked like magic. This cream soothed the pain of arthritis in my knee after a long shift at work. I also use it on my husbands shoulder pain at night and even on my elderly chihuahua’s aching hips. 💕

— Faith R.

Tasia's products are undeniably amazing! I use her products daily. I heal myself every time I do. I enjoy the feelings that I get from them and I love the results!!! The most recent product I bought is the Grounding CBD Oil. I use it on my face and now my face has never been more clear and smooth! I also use it on my arthritic hands and now my fingers are pain free! I am and will always be a committed client. Thank you Tasia, for infusing your products with your healing energy! You ROCK my world!!!

Bic Thatawat

I order pretty consistently to keep up on crystals for my son, and candles for myself. The moment I get home I light these candles to help center myself from my crazy day. I have been impressed with every order I have placed, from packaging, to the intent of the product. Thank you!

— Sarah Thomas
— Anonymous
I had the best experience with Mystic Healing. I wanted to get a present for a friend who is fighting cancer. Not only did Tasia create the most perfect box of goodies, but she did research specific to what oils and crystals would work best. Every aspect of the product was well thought out and beautiful - from the actual scents and design to the second-to-none packaging and sweet note that was included. It is said when someone loves what they are doing, it shows in their work. Tasia has clearly been called to create for others, and I am so thrilled to have found her phenomenal company.
— Bridget Weitzel
Tasia’s intuitive compassion and focused energy emanates from every product for a wholistic experience for all senses. Every candle - infused with its custom crystals, oils and flowers; every spray - carefully combined for function and harmony; every bath bomb, every balm, even every crystal, which she personally charges; gives you a feeling that is potent and palpable and mystic and healing. You won’t want to shop anywhere else again.

— Kim Botbyl
I bought a beautiful custom wedding gift set for my sister in law. The whole package was amazing, she LOVED it! She said the bath bomb was the best thing that ever happened to her, so luxurious and so relaxing.
I can’t wait to by more beautiful things!!!
— Lauren Bensley

My mother has been suffering from severe pain and stiffness in her hands from arthritis for some time now and nothing seems to work without some other complication from any prescriptions she was given by her doctor. I purchased Tasia’s Cbd pain relief lotion and it’s worked wonders for my mom. She is able to sleep through the night pain free and her stiffness is completely gone. She’s even gone on to use the cream for other areas and is in love. Happy to say she is a very satisfied customer and we’ve put in more orders for other items she wants to try. Thanks Tasia for your magic... my mom and I are forever grateful.

Crystal Woodworth